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         When you experience the loss of a loved one we can help you with the legal process that occurs.   Estate administration can often seem overwhelming as it often involves many forms and notices, timelines that must be followed and locating titles, life insurance, IRAs and other important documents.  It can be difficult to determine which legal steps are best to take when your loved one passes away and you are responsible for his or her estate.

     Our experienced and caring staff can guide you through many of the important estate administration tasks such as:

¨    Filing the Will and other documents with Probate Court

¨    Filing insurance death claims

¨    Determining assets and preparing the Inventory & Appraisement

¨    Managing creditors’ claims and paying debts

¨    Making disbursements

¨    Transferring stocks, bonds and retirement accounts

¨    Preparing estate tax returns


      Additionally, if you have a loved one that is incapacitated due to a mental deficiency, mental illness, physical illness or disability, advanced age, or other cause and this incapacity has created the situation where     your loved one lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to make or communicate responsible decisions concerning his person or property we can help you through the process of filing the necessary petitions with the Court to have a guardian and conservator appointed.  The primary responsibilities of a guardian are to decide where the incapacitated person will live and make provisions for their care, comfort and maintenance, including medical and health care decisions.  The primary responsibilities of a conservator are to manage the financial affairs and/or protect the property of the incapacitated person.

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